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Sports Packages

Formula tournaments and tours, Champions’ League, Tennis League, and basketball games - with us you will get the best sports package, including flights, hotel booking, tickets to major sports events, VIP hospitality, and more!



Ski Packages

Graiver specializes in planning and organizing ski packages around Europe, and offer a variety of deals including flights, ski passes, accommodations and transport within Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Bulgaria, and Andora. Our professional teams will be happy to build you the best package according to who who and how many travelers, type and purpose of your trip - whether it’s friends, family, or business clients.


Skiing or snowboarding, on your own or with a group - we’ll find you the best slopes that match your abilities, during the year or on the holidays and with a Hebrew-language guide and professional coaches to boot.



Bike Trip Packages - an unforgettable experience

For an extraordinary experience, set your gears in motion with a one-of-a-kind bike trip package. We’ll organize small groups of cyclists destined to visit exciting sites in Israel and abroad. Every trip is planned to the most minute of details and to high standards, so you can enjoy the ride, without having to worry about where you’ll eat or sleep. Professional guidance, great accommodations, invigorating physical activity and breathtaking views.

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