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Whether you like to treat yourselves or your guests - our VIP services guarantee you will get the best experience, and more:


GRAIVERJET - Private flights

Reaching your destination fresh - is our goal!

Even at this time of global high tech communication, there is nothing like meeting your business partners face to face, as personal chemistry leads to better outcomes.


For example, departing Israel for a meeting in Birmingham, one must leave a day earlier, pass through endless security checks, waste precious time waiting for connecting flights, and stress over inconvenient layovers. When no connecting flights are available, we sometimes find ourselves hours on the road, arriving tired to our meeting, or having to spend more on hotels and public transport.

After the meeting one must return going through the same journey, realizing you spent three business days for a two hour meeting. In case you have other meetings on your agenda, the journey repeats and multiplies. Two short but important meetings “cost” four valuable business days.


GRAIVERJET - A better alternative

GRAIVERJET will get you directly from Israel to any meeting (and between meetings) and back - saving you significant time and hustle.

GRAIVERJET will enable you to travel at any time, with flexible timelines during the flight itself. No more depending on airline schedules to determine your own!

GRAIVERJET provides first class service, so you arrive any meeting fresh, relaxed and focused.

GRAIVERJET fits you with optimal aircrafts - exactly the size and range you need - to save unnecessary expenses. Our deals includes your choice of meals and beverages, accommodations and travel solutions on demand.


In case of flights between various European destinations, Graiver travelers enjoy our collaboration with leading European carriers. Any one of Europe’s over 700 international airports is within our range, to which we could go in a few hours’ notice!


Helicopter rides - available in various options, upon customers’ requests

Cargo - Graiver specializes in flying your pets, agriculture produce, and transporting sensitive cargo

Medical flights - we provide evacuation services with a flying ambulance fully staffed equipped, from anywhere in the world


Any service, including limo airport travel, gourmet meals, and security could be added to your deal!


Security services - for your safety

Some destinations and situations require security, cooperation with local forces and with law enforcement in Israel. We at Graiver work with the best VIP and delegations security agencies. With a long and proven experience planning and executing arrangements for high profile local and global personnel, business community leaders, and media figures, we make your travel as safe as smooth as possible.


Our service includes:

Security management

Cutting edge security technologies implementation at your home, office, or any other facility of event

Securing your transport, including armored vehicles across Israel

Temporary or permanent security garrisons

Securing any trip from beginning to end - whether it’s a business trip or a family vacation


Airport aid

Support and assistance in 700 airports, help through immigration and handling your luggage at your destination. We offer private vehicles and drivers, holistic solutions including tour and heritage guides in your language of choice, available upon arrival to end of your trip.

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