Our expertise - always one step ahead

With you every step of the way!

Graiver grants full responsibility from the the ticketing phase, throughout your journey and even after your trip has ended.


Global services for any business

Anything you would imagine - we will give you more!


Representing ‘Uniglobe’ in Israel, which operates in more than 60 worldwide destinations, we provide global solutions starting with your order, while conquering any challenge along the way, to reaching your final destination.


Maintaining a connection to this global company, along with our access to suppliers worldwide, creates a situation that is beneficial to everyone:


24/7 Availability

Immediate answers and full service anywhere you are on the globe.


Best prices

Graiver enjoys access to various price levels and unlimited ability to book at any country (which often could only be done for local destinations), allows you to get the best rates for any destination.


Local service regardless of the traveler’s country of origin

The fact that we are located in Israel does not prevent us from having a presence all over the world and providing local and professional service in a variety of countries.


Activity reports assembly

“That which can’t be measured, cannot be manageable”, and therefore we calculate your costs and benefits: retrieving data, producing reports, and perform skilled analyses to perfect our traveling policies, to make our agency more efficient and our services more worthwhile to our customers.


Traveling policies implementation and subsidiaries management

We are able to make any required travel policy a reality, and manage each subsidiary according to any demand.

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