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Graiver is on a mission to develop and enhance the latest technologies into scalable travel solutions for today’s savvy business and leisure travelers. We seek to lead the travel industry through our innovative IT solutions, which work to enable the best possible service and bookings, at the lowest possible price.


Graiver is not only an excellent travel and tourism agency, the company is also a pioneer in the software field. As a partner of UNIGLOBE, one of the world’s top 10 tourism companies, Graiver is granted access to some of the most innovative IT travel-related networks on the planet. In addition, the company has also developed its own proprietary systems, for the exclusive benefit of its travel customers.


In addition, we at Graiver developed unique systems - combining global databases and tools - providing our customers with the best deals for any business or private trips.


Our tools:


Travel & Expenses Management Systems

Allowing our business customers to manage their trips according to their own policies, and lets each organization full control, including: tracking, financial supervision, managing private travel reports, and more. Here at Graiver, we work with leading high-tech systems, such as Get There of Cyber, Cytrix, COMBTAS, and CONCUR.


GDS Distribution Systems

Graiver connects with all global distribution systems: Amadeus, Cyber, and Travelport among others which links to local systems in countries like India, China, and Russia, to enable ideal access to various fare levels, allowing us to provide our customers services according to predetermined budgets.


Global Order Control Systems

One of the world’s leading systems, it allows optimization and automatic checks during and all the way to the end of your trip.
The ever changing tourist world includes changing fare levels - varying according to search and booking time. Scanning the existing distribution systems provide our agents with the best prices regardless of passengers’ location.


Online Low Cost System

Specially developed for Graiver, our Low Cost system combines Low Cost prices with regular flights’ fares. This way customers get continuous information on the best prices and flights availability to any destination.


Reports System

Our data management system allows for an efficient, high quality control over business trips files. The database serves our customers to create smart contracts/agreements with end suppliers, and enhances the organization’s control and supervision.


Hotels Booking System

Graiver’s hotels booking system connects directly with the world’s leading and largest suppliers such as: Expedia,, Tourico,, and many others. The system provides access to a heightened room availability, and allows to compare prices between many global websites and suppliers.


Car Rental and Booking System

With a click of a button, you receive all current relevant options for any destination, according to your special profile and needs, from the majority of world wide rental suppliers.

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