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Want to see Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean and other exotic locations? Hop on a cruise and enjoy the ultimate combination of serene sea relaxation and exciting seaside action at every port. We’ll book you on a luxury cruiseliner with gourmet food, personal service and fun for the whole family: rock climbing walls, water parks, sports and entertainment activities, honeymoon/anniversary packages and three-month journeys for those who want to travel around the world in 90 days.


The benefits are bountiful - you soak up some sun, some culture, great attractions and visits to new countries - and return to your cruise ship each day to unwind take part in unique nightlife on the sea.



Self-steered Canal Cruises - see Europe in a whole different way

Star tours, visiting several sites in one week, or going on a long tour, we can offer just about any option to sweep you off your feet. Allow us to show you Europe in a whole different way - on a self drive canal cruise fit for couples, groups of friends, or families.


A floating hotel - how does it work?

First, you choose one of Europe’s majestic rivers: the Rhein, the Danube, The Seine, or the Volga. You can also choose a destination: France, The Netherlands/Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Britain, Sweden, or Portugal. After you pick your cruise ship (of a range of sizes, comfort, structure, and more), you set your route and rich itinerary: where to anchor, the time spent in each harbor, tours and hikes in rural or urban spaces, when to bike ride, or take a swim.


Canal Cruise - anyone can do it!

No need of a previous experience - anyone can drive their own ship! Upon departure we offer professional and comprehensive instructions, including useful tips and the region’s detailed maps. Children can also sit behind the wheel - with their parents’ supervision.

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