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Incentive Tours

Israel has become an ideal meeting ground for professionals from all continents, particularly those involved in high-tech and venture capital investment. Whether the purpose is to discuss ideas or to foster business deals, Graiver expertise spanning 60 years adds to your success by planning everything in your conference down to the last detail and being on call 24/7 to ensure that all plans go smoothly. Graiver event planners will handle as much of the logistics as you desire, including flight arrangements, ground transportation and accommodations, securing the conference site, catering, lighting and sound systems, special-needs participants leaving you with no worries beyond packing your luggage. We not only carry out every request from your conference planning committee, but our experience with Israeli venues and vendors enables us to anticipate and solve problems before they even arise. Along with the conference itself, Graiver can arrange discounted admission to some of Israel's attractions, giving conferees a delightful diversion and added value to their participation. Among the possibilities are historical sites, art museums, concerts, theater performances, fine dining, visits to nature reserves, water-sports activities, and much more. If preferred, we can organize an entire day-tour accompanied by a licensed guide.

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