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Additional Services

Graiver is not only an incoming tourism agency, aslo a pioneer in the software field developing its own hotel reservation system. The booking platform is an online travel booking solution for B2B & the B2C .

The booking engine provides a powerful, cost effective and easy to use platform to create, book, manage, integrate ,distribute and compare booking systems for hotels rooms.


  • It provides the best rates and availability from multi source suppliers giving the agent the possibility to compare prices between multiple suppliers on one page
  • We are working with the largest suppliers connected per xml to this booking engine
  • The system saves time as the requested hotel rates from the different suppliers are displayed on one screen and eliminates the need to look for the best rates at different supplier systems thus saving agent time.
  • All bank guarantees to the suppliers are paid by us so you don't need to leave any guarantee with the suppliers.
  • Rates have been compared with numerous global booking system giving at most cases better rates.


Presentation of the software


Presentation of the software with Google Maps




Medical Services


We work in close ties with all the leading medical centers in Israel and will connect you or your client to highly-specialized professional assemble the best possible medical team and coordinate with the appropriate medical centers to meet your specific medical needs. .

We handle all of your medical travel accommodations. We meet you at the airport and take you directly to your pre-arranged housing accommodations. Most medical centers offer on or near campus arrangements. However, we can also help you find a short-term rental apartment nearby, if you so desire.

The Graiver Comprehensive Medical Tourism Package includes a touring element, which enables you and your traveling party to enjoy the beauty, sites and vistas of Israel from ancient to modern times. Why not take advantage of everything the country has to offer during your stay. Our professionals will help you plan a tour that fits your budget.




Security Services for Individuals and Special Events


Vip protection



Graiver is working with experts in the field of securing VIPs and delegations operatives with extensive experience in planning and implementing security arrangements for high-ranking local and foreign dignitaries, visiting heads of state, business community leaders, media figures and more. This experience includes working in Israel and abroad, where they cooperate fully with local law enforcement or military authorities as needed.

This service is multi-faceted including issues such as:

  • Physical and technological security at the residence
  • Screening of permanent and temporary auxiliary personnel
  • Safe local and international travel for all family members
  • Protection at both work and leisure related activities

The service also includes:

  • Transportation protection
  • Rent of armored Vehicles in Israel
  • Event protection
  • Facility protection





 Private Jets and Helicopters

Graiver operates as the client's agent, with private jets and helicopter services, offering time-saving travel to destinations around the globe. We handle a fleet of medium range to heavy aircraft, including the Galaxy; Hawker 400 and 800 XP; Lir Jet 45 and 60. Among the heavy jets available through Graiver are the Challenger 604; Falcon 2000 and 900; the Gulfstream IV and V, recognized as top of the line, for long range business trips; as well as the Global Express (XRS) - one of the most luxurious long range business jets in the market today. Private jet services include: airport handling, catering, flight routes, and a 24-hour call center.

Cargo Handling

Graiver acts as the client's agent, for flying cargo to any destination worldwide. Experienced and expert in handling any cargo: from agricultural produce, through livestock, to sensitive cargo. In addition, Graiver serves the client's needs, as agent for arranging general cargo through sea or air transport.

Luxury Shopping

Shopping can be a fascinating experience while traveling — a way to find authentic, one-of-a-kind items, meet local artists, and provide the opportunity to peek into a window of another people's culture, history, traditions, techniques and aesthetics.
All of our tours can be customized to include personalized shopping excursions, as part of the private cultural touring. All shopping is tailored to the needs and interests of each traveler.
Experience the best of local shopping opportunities through:
Highly personalized shopping and sightseeing itineraries.
Inside access to sources and specialists 'off-the-beaten-track', and only those dealing with authentic goods of the highest quality.
Private guides who are specialists in bridging cultures and translating languages.
Sophisticated, expert advice from Artisans of Leisure travel consultants- discerning shoppers and collectors themselves - who maintain an extensive network of designers, dealers, craftspeople, and other specialists, as well as contacts with leading local boutiques, specialty shops, galleries, wineries and more
Full-service logistical assistance, such as packing and shipping from point of purchase to your home.

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