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Useful Links

Israel Ministry of Tourism
The official site of Israel Ministry of Tourism



Online Catalogue of pictures
Online Catalogue of pictures from Israel, in small and full size, provided by the State of Israel Ministry of Tourism. This Gallery enables you to download a huge variety of pictures, either for your internet site or a printed brochure.


Israel Airports & Borders Authority
Israel Airports & Borders Authority Official website. Information about Airports and time tables, crossing borders, contact detais, daily working hours and much more...



National Parks in Israel
Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority's on-line information center: Massada, Caesarea, Banias, Megiddo, Beth-Shean, Qumran, En-Gedi, Kursi and Kurazim are only few of a long list of...

Israel Meteorological Service / Weather In Israel
The Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) was founded in 1936,,, Short and medium-range forecasting,,, Information services offered by the IMS include climatic data, bulletins and publications, queries and consultation.


Jerusalem Municipality Official Website
The official internet site of Jerusalem Municipality



Tel-Aviv Jaffa Municipality Official Website
The White City of Tel Aviv’s declaration as a World Heritage Site is a prestigious international recognition of Tel-Aviv’s special architectural style. Tel Aviv, planned by the architect Sir Patrick Geddes, with its special urban and historic fabric...


The Old Acre Development Company
Acre’s most prominent sites include ruins from the Hellenistic-Roman period and buildings from the Crusader and Ottoman periods: Al Jazar Mosque, the buildings of the Order of Saint John, the subterranean Crusader city, Khan Al Omdan, the Turkish Baths (w


Haifa Tourists Board
The official web site of Haifa Tourists Board



The official web site of the Dead Sea Tourist Board
The official web site of the Dead Sea Tourist Board will assist you while exploring this unique element of nature, one of it's kind in the entire world. People of all countries and of all wakes of society make frequent "health and well being pilgrimages"


Bank of Israel
Official internet site of the Bank of Israel, including currency exchange rates, monetary policy, banking system, information, data & more,,,
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