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Why MICE in Israel?

Here are some of the highlights to attract your clients:
Jerusalem, the one and only, which more people want to see than any other city in the world.
Superb infrastructure for incentives - world-class hotels, superior guides, varied and exciting cuisine, a population that welcomes visitors, and services of exemplary standard ... all these at very reasonable rates.
Easy access - most major air carriers call here; all sites are close enough for visitors to return to their hotels the same day.
The ingathering of the Jewish people from 70 different countries created an admixture of culturs, dress, cuisine, dance and song that delights the eye and tantalises the palate.
The country's cultural wealth is open to all in superb museums, art galleries, all year round concerts and recitals, dance performances, music and theater festivals, and entertainment by the best.
In this Holy Land of three great religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism - historic and holy sites can be seen, where events took place that echoed down the ages and across the world.
A kaleidoscope of colors. Awesome scenic wonders include the lowest spot on earth - the Dead Sea - the rich coral reefs of the Red Sea, and the stark contrasting colors of the deserts.
Israel is noted for its fabulous weather - clear skies and a basking sun that pull you outdoors. You can swim in four seas, relax in sparkling sunshine on wonderful beaches, and snorkel or dive to see our exotic marine life.
A shoppers' paradise. From diamond sparklers to religious artifacts, from trinkets and souvenirs - bought in one of the Mid-Eastern 'shuks' (markets) - to the extensive Duty Free airport shopping when you leave ... all these at prices that are very affordable.

About M.I.C.E
M.I.C.E., a subsidiary of B.D. Graiver in Israel, was initiated for the purpose of operating conventions, incentives, large meetings and exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
We boast great working relations with all the top Israeli suppliers, enabling us to achieve preferential treatment and of course better rates.
In depth knowledge of Israel, innovative ideas, perfection in the operation, full attention to the minutest details and dedication to the event at hand make M.I.C.E. the ideal partner for conventions and incentive operations in Israel.
In our effort to give your clients a better experience, we are always on the lookout for new venues and trends, upgraded services and unique events.
We never say "Never” and nothing, small or large, is too much for us when it comes to providing our clients with the services they deserve - the best.
Our staff is a top professional team, experienced in organizing special events, conferences, incentive and large gatherings, and is accustomed to handling the various aspects required for organizing a conference.

Convention services

  • Production and distribution of printed matter
  • Construction of a dedicated Website for the event
  • Construction of all the forms needed (registration, payment, CV etc.)
  • Assistance in promotion and recruitment
  • Secretarial and accounting services
  • Liason with convention management
  • Contracting the various suppliers and obtaining preferential rates
  • Assistance in printing invitations, transcripts, programs and participants’ lists
  • Recruiting staff (hostesses, drivers, guides etc.)
  • Providing all the tourist services linked to the convention, including optional touring ideas, transfers, flights etc.

Over the years, with its world renowned capital city of Jerusalem, Red Sea resort of Eilat, the one and only Dead Sea - lowest point on Earth, The Sea of Galilee and many more sites, Israel has become a favorite incentive destination for companies and organizations wanting to enrich their staff with a cultural experience coupled with fun and games.
Great weather all year round, an abundance of historical sites, endless beachs of white sands, gourmet restaurants and art and culture, make this an ideal destination.
We at MICE have the capability and expertize to run a top-notch incentive for you and your company.

Planning - give us your dates and number of days and we will offer you a choice of tailor-made programs to fit the specific season of the year and it’s highlights.
Program and innovative ideas - our team is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, exciting places, special meals and events in order to enhance your program and make it special.

Budget - we maximize your dollar and offer you the best your money can buy for your budget. We negotiate on your behalf and get for you the best possible prices.

Service - we are at your service 24 hours a day before and while your incentive group is visiting us. Our scouts go ahead of the group to make sure that all that we promised will be delivered. We make sure the venues are elegant where needed and rough where needed. We look into the minutest details, always striving for perfection.

Some ideas for your next event in Israel

  • Authentic Bedouin dinner and camel ride in the Judean Desert
  • Belly dancers, drummer circle, ballroom dancing
  • Laser shows, fireworks
  • Private Yoga class, bicycle ride, hiking, jogging, powerwalking
  • Group Shiatzu and special body treatments
  • Team-building event including camping in the outdoors, making fire, cooking dinner and night navigation
  • Kayaks on the Jordan River, rappeling in the Golan Heights, offroad driving in ATV (all Terrain Vehicle)
  • Dinner, spa, swim and massage at a private beach on the Dead Sea
  • Sunset cocktail overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem
  • Dinner and music at an art gallery privately opened in Tel Aviv
  • Private viewing of the Bible Land museum, over a glass of wine and private guiding followed by a gourmet dinner
  • Tour of the Machne Yehuda open air vegetable market, accompanied by a chef, buy the products and participate in cooking a gourmet meal in the home of the chef
  • Private party at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat
  • Sunset cruise on the Red Sea, cocktails, music, fireworks
  • Roman Toga party at the natural setting of Hammat Gader Roman ruins
  • Private tour of Golan Winery, wine tasting
  • Private tour to Petra, the ancient Nabatian City carved in the Red Rock


Find below a sample itinerary :


Jerusalem, Dead Sea & Eilat on the Red Sea 4 days

Day 01


Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Meeting & Assistance by Graiver Representative.
Transfer via Highway 1 and ascend Mt Scopus for a panoramic view of the golden city of Jerusalem.
Welcome Reception served on the promenade and balcony on Mt Scopus having a panoramic overview of the old city of Jerusalem from its most famous angle.
Drive to the Lion Gate, entering the Old City, Walk along the Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross), and Visit of the Wailing Wall.
Check in at the hotel.


Transfer to Hotel American Colony for a buffet dinner in the Pasha Room.

Day 02

Option 1
Buffet Breakfast at the Hotel
Check out. & bus transfer via the west part of Jerusalem, the New City.
Board a Helicopter (5 pax each); Fly above Jerusalem for a unique view of the city. Continue to fly heading east above the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea to Massada.
Drive along the Dead Sea shore line & the Judean Desert to Mineral Beach where everybody can enjoy a mineral pools mud party and traditional lunch in a Bedouin tent.


Option 2
Breakfast in the Desert
Check out the Hotel.
The guests will embark the jeeps (marked with the Company’s flag) outside the hotel and leave towards the northern area of the Judean Desert. The route will go eastward, to the slopes overlooking the Dead Sea.
Afterwards the trail continues to the south and the guests will enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Saint George / Marsaba Monastery, the largest and most impressive monastery in the Judean Desert.

Day 03


Famous Israeli Breakfast at the Hotel
Private Beach-Sea activities:
Welcoming Reception Bar upon arrival
Briefing and explanations about the activities:
First a half day at leisure, pampering & nautical sport activities including:
Motorboat, Kayak boat, pedal boat, banana boat, wind surfing, Introduction diving,
Treatment tent offering pampering massage & relaxation.
Open bar
Active D.J. and master of the ceremony




Buffet Lunch on the Beach: Spanish Menu

Afternoon and evening
Cruise-Sea activities - open bar-dinner & disco party on deck
At Eilat Port, board on a luxury private yacht, “Lamie”, for a leisurely cruise to the Eilat Bay. After a welcome by the skipper and his crew we will leave the Marina of Eilat.
On the yacht there are two Jacuzzis, open alcoholic bar and fruits for the guests. On the upper deck you will enjoy the upper deck spacious dance floor and comfortable chairs. The lower deck has a comfortable living room.
Dinner will include a quality buffet made by the yacht crew.
** Alternatively, we can upgrade the level of the dinner by bringing in a chef who will prepare Dinner on the yacht. A fine D.J will entertain the group with dancing music into the night.
Extra services available on Yacht (optional):
- Add decoration and comfortable sofas for upper deck
- Saxophone player that will greet the group as arriving the Yacht
- 2 sailing boats / 4 wind surfs / 2 double size banana boats / 4 motorboats being steered by the guests themselves / 5 kayaks / 5 paddles boats
- 8 pax giving treatment / 15 minutes per treatment
- 1 pax master of the ceremony (host) activates the group with variety of competitive games / + 1 D.J


Day 04
After breakfast transfer to Eilat airport for flight back home



Congresses Conventions in Israel

Israel is a country of conferences and congresses too. We might even say that the first convention in the land of Israel took place some 3000 years ago, when, as the Bible relates (I Kings: 8, 1-2), “King Solomon summoned to his presence in Jerusalem, the elders of Israel, all the heads of the tribes and the chiefs of the Israelite families.”

Israel has developed quite a bit since those ancient times, and large, important congresses and conventions in Jerusalem have been hosted royally in the country, at the ICC Jerusalem - International Convention Center, the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center Tel Aviv and in hotels with congress & convention facilities that are as modern as those in most any hotel in the world.

Not too many years ago, the annual survey of the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) ranked Jerusalem in 5th place - and 1st from among all non-European cities - on the list of cities hosting international congresses and conventions. This was due in very large measure to the ICC Jerusalem’s marvelous facilities. Israel as a whole ranked 25th on ICCA’s list of 65 countries that held international congresses and conventions then. Now, when visitors from all over the world are discovering Israel once again as a viable and exciting tourism destination, organizers of international meetings and gatherings are certain to follow suit, offering their clients and members a unique and exciting tourism destination that can also supply them with everything they need to hold successful deliberations and also have an enjoyable and meaningful stay.



Israel’s first international event in modern times was staged about 50 years ago, Since then, the country’s convention industry has been striding forward with dedication and foresight, developing a sophisticated and manifold infrastructure for meetings and conventions.

The ICC Jerusalem Conventions Center, which was upgraded recently, is Israel’s largest convention center, housing nearly 30 meeting halls of diverse dimensions, suitable for the requirements of conferences hosting anywhere from 100 to 10,000 participants. This unique flexibility imbues each and every gathering with the same sense of focus and fulfillment of purpose.


The ICC Jerusalem offers the highest quality of technical equipment - amplification and lighting; excellently equipped translation booths, and whatever else may be required, including video conferencing and computerized presentations. Press rooms linked to all corners of the world by means of advanced computer systems, permit international video conferences and direct access to all major television networks.



The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center Tel Aviv, which was renovated and expanded a few short years ago, spans an area of more than 75 acres, of which 25,000 square meters are exhibition space. Approximately 15,000 square meters of the center's exhibit center are under cover and are divided up into 10 air-conditioned halls of different sizes, complemented by 40,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space on the lush green-grassed areas. The combination of modern buildings on the one hand and the open exhibition areas on the other gives the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center a different and special appearance in the exhibitions and events industry and imbues the venue with a pastoral and unique atmosphere.



The International Conventions Center Haifa, a facility about 13 years old, is located at the southern entrance to the city. In addition to the thousands of square meters it offers of open spaces and modern halls, suited for conventions, exhibits and similar events, it features a central logistical system for technical support on a high professional level.



Aside from these major complexes, meetings and convention facilities exist in major tourism centers all over Israel, either as facilities standing in their own right, or as part of hotels, educational centers and convention complexes - and often with the cooperation of a number of facilities situated within a short distance from one another, for extremely large events - designed and equipped to meet just about every need. Excellent hotel facilities for conventions large and small can be found in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat in particular. In other areas of the country too, such as in the Dead Sea region and in the Galilee, modern facilities exist for large gathering and these have been held there for many years.


Acknowledging the importance of the convention industry to Israel and to their own well-being, most of Israel's major hotels have been built with convention and congress facilities which meet the recommendations of IAPCO (the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers). Many veteran hotels in the country have made the enlarging and upgrading of meeting facilities a focal point of their renovations programs in recent times.


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